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You see it time and time again, people waste their money on gadgets, contraptions, gym memberships, home programs and even other boot camps and they NEVER reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Hundreds and thousands of dollars are spent every year and yet people spin their wheels and waste their hard earned money with zero results to show for it in their body. The Synergize Coral Gables Boot Camp picks up where all the other programs fail, we deliver a personalized program guaranteed to get you and your body three times the results in half the time or you don’t pay a dime. We deliver rapid, personalized and noticeable results while helping you learn how to channel your unlimited internal motivation mechanisms.

Most Boot Camp companies in Coral Gables give you a one size fits all workout and meal plan. Great Boot Camp programs like the Synergize Coral Gables Boot Camp gives you all the essential tools to create a happier and healthier you. You learn the right amount of foods that help you lose the fat in your trouble areas while you feel energized and nourished.
Our coaches teach you our trade secrets on how to boost your metabolism, consistently lose weight each week, and permanantely keep the weight off. By using smart and specific exercise, you will lose weight and look great without all the scams and contraption. Did we also mention it will be fun? We are a dynamic group and once you join you become a part of the Synergize Coral Gables Boot Camp family.

Another perk of joining a Synergize Coral Gables Boot Camp program is that you’ll get to your goals in a safe manner. All of our trainers are nationally certified and go through our training of program design to teach corrective exercise, progressions and regressions based each individual and their body type. We make sure everyone is using the proper form to avoid injury and maximize results. If you have a special condition like arthritis, osteoporosis, or a heart condition, the trainers will discuss how the workouts can be tailored to your unique situation to ensure you reach your goals safely.

You’ve wasted your time and your money on the other guys, now it’s time to get results, guaranteed, with the Synergize Coral Gables Boot Camp. Get started by calling us at 305- 281-1578.

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